for Mrs. R.

This is my very first post.  It’s all mine.  It belongs to no one else.  I can write whatever I want.  I’ve always wanted to write.  According to Stephen King, if you want to write, then write.  My friend, Sue, says I should write.  Okay, here I go…

My first true words of encouragement came from my high school freshman English teacher.  She gave us a poetry assignment.  We were supposed to write in various forms and about present-day topics:  haiku, politics, rhyming, not rhyming, one really cool poem made of seven lines with each line containing the same number of syllables as our home phone number.  Talk about fun homework!  I typed each poem on a separate sheet of paper.  (Yes, I said typed.  On a typewriter.  Not a computer.  I’m old.  Hush.)  Then, I cut out each poem and glued it to a sheet of brightly colored construction paper.  (Do they even sell construction paper anymore?)  I stapled the pages together, making a book, and anxiously handed it in.

When the teacher handed back our graded assignments, I was eager to read her comments.  I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw her handwriting under my haiku:  “Your haiku is very worthy poetry”.  I did a little dance in the hallway.  She also gave me information on a state-wide poetry contest.  I entered the contest and won third place for that haiku.  I still remember the day I received the winner’s announcement.  I did a little dance at the mailbox and skipped all the way up the driveway.

It didn’t need to be first place.  That’s not what mattered.  What mattered was that someone liked what I had written.  Someone.  Liked.  What.  I.  Had.  Written.  At that age in high school, we all wanted everyone to like us.  Personally, as an only child, I couldn’t stand it when someone didn’t like me.  It crushed me.  Thankfully, I’ve outgrown that feeling.  Well, I’ve almost outgrown it.  A few more years and I’ll nail it for sure.

Okay, so my very first post is almost complete.  Do I care if you like it?  Yes.  And No.  In my opinion, the real question should be:  How do I feel about writing this?  Pretty darn good.  I’m writing.  For real.  I’m published.  I didn’t solve world hunger.  I didn’t bring about world peace.  This isn’t chapter one of the next New York Times best seller.  And yet, my heart feels a little less heavy.  My mind seems a little less anxious.  Hey, you’ve got to start somewhere…

2 thoughts on “for Mrs. R.

  1. Don’t worry Wendy. I have liked you for a long long time! Don’t be crushed! LOL Believe it or not I learned to type like you on a “Real” Typewriter and it was not an electric either! A 50 lb cast iron Royal typewriter! That is the thing with keyboards, I miss the rhythmic tapping of the keys against the platen.

    I am looking forward to what you will be writing on your blog. 🙂


  2. Love, love, love it!!!! I look forward to your blogs! So proud of you!
    Your friend,
    And P.S. I did a Lil dance in the hallway…just now…because I’m so happy for my friend!!


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