If you’re feeling blue…

If you’re feeling blue
And you don’t know what to do
Climb in
And get behind the wheel

Take a little spin
Thru the McDonald’s drive-in
And buy
Your rear neighbor a meal

You will start to smile
And feel better in a while
You’ll be
Surprised how good you feel

Sometimes all you need
Is to plant a kindness seed
Try it
And help your heart to heal

I don’t know what to write…

I don’t know what to write
I don’t know what to say
I’m feeling kinda stressed
It’s been a nutso day

The telephone won’t stop
My inbox won’t calm down
I’m tempted to run off
And drive halfway ‘cross town

I wish I had the nerve
To just walk out of here
But I need this job and
I’m not the next Shakespeare

So I will get a grip
And do my very best
To get through this Friday
And treat it like a test

A test that I must pass
For bills I have to pay
I want to keep my house
I need a place to stay

It’s now the afternoon
I’m wide awake right now
A spider hit my desk
The size of a small cow

This is so very strange
This little poem of mine
So back to work I go
I think I’ll be just fine


I Must Not Cuss Behind the Bus

I must not cuss behind the bus
I do not want to be
Responsible for teaching kids
New vocabulary

I must not cuss behind the bus
For they will surely see
The words my lips so rudely formed
Shouted impatiently

I must not cuss behind the bus
Since I’m the one to blame
Procrastination has left me
Hanging my head in shame

I must not cuss behind the bus
Instead my plan shall be
Befriending my alarm clock to
Promptly awaken me

I will not cuss behind the bus
Because I’m on my way
Ahead of the child-laden coach
To start my busy day